About Bjørg Helene

Welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Bjørg Helene and I live in Oslo, Norway. I’m an architect and graphic designer, and fill my spare time with drawing and illustrations. I have worked as a freelancer since 2016, and started out with graphic design in 2011.

On becoming a graphic designer

My way to becoming a graphic designer was exciting. I took a master in architecture at NTNU (2010-2015) and fell both in love with the Student Society in Trondhjem; and a special someone. This was such a great time in my life, although I’m happy to have a bit fewer voluntary positions and part-time jobs at the moment.

After graduating with honor, i worked a year in the industry of architecture. In that year, I realized that I was missing the creative momentum that I encountered as a student. Since 2011 I’d been working on several printing projects in the evenings and weekends. It dawned on me that the field of graphic design could be where I truly belonged, not just in my spare time.

Therefore, I started on Noroff’s online studies in 2017 and chose a year with graphic design. You can visit my «Reflective journal» which I used as a blog for the assignments, in addition to post and reflect on further design work and tasks.

Currently, I work as a graphic designer at the organization «Norges KFUK-KFUM» and will stay there throughout 2019. If you are interested in hiring me, let me know by sending me an e-mail at bjorg.andorsen@gmail.com. I will be able to take on projects in 2020.

Thank you for your time – and enjoy my work!