Branding and packaging from scratch

The brief was to develop a name for a dog food product, and to do the branding of this by designing a logo, a brochure with infographic and illustrations, a package for the product and a point of sale in store.

The logo

I used the creative method of Brainstorming to come up with the name, and then played a bit around with different combinations before I landed on the name «Pawtner». It is a Detroit slang term to the old west word meaning friend. It also contains the word paw.

To come up with ideas for the logo, I did Google Images search on «urban dog» and «dog with sunglasses». I thought these images gave weight to the urban slang, and to play up on the «City dogs» and their owners as a target group (with focus on the young adults aged 15-25 years old).

Brochure and Infographic


Packagin for the Burger biscuits. An outer box with handles and four inner boxes filled with yummy burger biscuits for your favorite pawtner!

Point of Sale

The point of sale from the most prominent view
Mock-up of the point of sale based on a photo taken at Meny Bogstadveien
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