My fondness for Journaling!


I started out with Bullet Journaling in October 2016, and have been a great fan of Ryder Carroll’s system (learn more here). I struggled to set aside time for creative endeavours, and often felt overwhelmed by life. And then; enter BuJo! I was amazing and a bit hard in the beginning, but I set aside time to start using it. I started out by following Ryders system strictly.

From my first BuJo (2016)

My first BuJo-week using date and day of the week, in addition to either bullets for tasks and line for notes.
My second week, with a new layout. I remember being so pleased at the time to finally start visualizing my daily events and see where my time was spent.

Progress from 2018

Last year, I had so much fun using my Bullet Journal both as a creative outlet, but also to manage both my freelance and study of Graphic Design.

My monthly cover for August 2018

My drawing and writing has evolved greatly thanks to the daily use of my BuJo. It comes with so many benefits!

I made a lot of lists, and I used them to motivate me to get the tasks done, so that I could cross them out. Crossing out items on for example the «Monthly goals»-list is really good!

I used a monthly goal to have concrete tasks as a challenge, and make as much as possible something I could track and number.

And now, 2019!

I use a new color each month and make my own icons on the fly when I start doing something new. I include brush-lettering and use a 003-pen from Marvy to get the contrast between the layout-division and the content.

This year I feel that my work with the Bullet Journal have paid off a lot, and not just in the obvious way of keeping track of my life. My life have shifted greatly the past years, and I don’t know if I’d discover that I’d rather be a graphic designer than an architect without reflecting in my BuJo. Also, instead of feeling worn down, I use a lot of time on drawing, brush-lettering and painting. How come? I have removed the stuff I used to do with stuff I’d really would do, but that seemed to daunting to get to.

I’m so looking forward to see how the BuJo will help me with creating the life I want to live. We’ll just have to wait ‘n see!

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