Biking in Bergen

Welcome to the making of «Bergen – Biking in the Rain»! The design is made to convey young adults juts how accessible Bergen becomes when you get on your bike (even though it’s raining like mad). 

Cycling is an environmentally friendly, economical and healthy alternative to a car. My job is to create an A3 poster and website for Bergen with routes to the places Landås, Fana, Fyllingsdal and Laksevåg.

I want to convey that biking is fun and a great chose to make even though you happens to live in the city in Norway that have most rain per year. 

The target group is young adults that live in Bergen, for example students or those who’ve just started out in their first job. They may be in the situation that they afford to rent / buy a car – but to provide them with a great alternative this site will present them with just how short distances becomes when you rather use a bike. They would want easy (and fast-to-consume) content on the topic, and my project «Bergen – Biking in the Rain» uses simple and engaging graphic design to convey them.


I put together a moodboard that became a very good guideline for my design process.  I got this vintage / hipster vibe down, and also the flat illustrations (except for the tyre) in contrast to the vibrant photos.


For the poster, I thought to simplify as much as possible, since the most memorable designs are the one that is down to the point and just adds the most important elements. 

Mockup from:

Web Design

The main map which displays all the routes is made as an inline SVG and by the use of CSS, the routes «pop» (by increasing the stroke weight) simoltaneously the name of the route appears when hovering over the elements on the map. Both the routes on the map and the names of the places takes you to the sub-page with that specific route. The sub-maps for each route has crossroads on the route, when hovered over, displays the detailed information about it. 

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