Cultural Heritage Vevelstad

A collaboration with Vevelstad Historielag and Vevelstad kommune, with the project manager Torhild Haugann.

The brief was to make Vevelstad municipality’s cultural heritage more accessible for the municipality’s population. This was to be done through a brochure that would be given to all the inhabitants that wished to learn more. 

I were to use the existing material from the cultural heritage plan, and to reuse maps I previously made for them. It turned out to be a funded project, and it evolved from a tiny thing on 12 pages to a book of 160 pages. Each icon from the front of the book represents a different category of the cultural heritage, and have a chapter each.

The front of the book, including icons used in the chapters and picture of a boathouse that’s part of the cultural heritage.
Chapter pages for the cultural heritage that is classified as archeological.
Chapter pages for the cultural heritage that is classified as traffic routes. These are old bridges, trails and such.
Each chapter have an associated map, where the cultural memories are placed.
The flow of pages – the chapter pages followed by the list of memories, and then the objects themselves.
This spread is from the Sami chapter, and shows reindeer on winter pasture on Hamnøya.
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