The brief was to make an online menu for a imaginary sushi restaurant, and to both design it and code it

My interpretetion of the task is that this is a sushi-restaurant in Trondheim. In addition to update their website, they also want to be re-branded.

Their core value is to make perfect sushi, and that customers should choose them since they love excellent sushi. The restaurant want to make customer relationship important, and would love to communicate that they value their visitors, both online and in the restaurant. 

Screenshot from

Sketching logo and wireframe

Regarding the brand, I brainstormed to get some options for a name, then I sketched out what I thought the logo could be for that name. Some of the runners up was «Purrfect sushi» and «Stop! Sushi.», but when I sketched out logoideas for «Sushi love», I found some apetizing and sushi-inspired logo-solutions that I refined in Illustrator.

From sketching to web design

This is my first web design project, and I appreciate the simplicity I managed to keep, even though entering new areas of HTML and CSS.

You can check out the live result at!

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