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Literature, and especially fantasy, fuels me both in my creative work – and also my spare time. If you are interested in creative writing that deals with other realms, universes or cosmeres, you most likely already read this. If not? Sit tight and let me tell you more:

This is fantasy in all it’s glory – Brandon Sanderson describes Roshar in such a depth that I’m there. If you ever read Le Guin’s EarthSea and loved it, then keep reading this. The only downside is that the series is not finished yet, but Oh joy, it’s too good to wait ’til all the books are done. Throw caution to the wind!

I would say that this is for the more advanced reader, due to it’s many (many) pages and several changes in viewpoints. It can be hard to keep reading on the first book «The Way of Kings» (2010). I remember that it felt a bit overwhelming, to keep track of everyone and see the connections – and understand the timeline. Fear not! After one or two rounds interludes and chapters with Shallan, Kaladin and Dalinar I can (almost) promise you that you’d be hooked. 

Why? Because it is so similar to many of our hardships, in the basic things we all face; like believing in yourself, dealing with being timid, and not daring to follow your dream – or to find it in the first place. The planet is in some ways so natural and similar to ours, but then you discover more and more, like the Highstorms, the stormlight and the nearly ever-present kremlings. Sanderson describes his fantasy world with such an ease, and manage to describe animals and objects like someone who has never seen grass or birds before. For instance the red-feathered chicken Shallan sees, that’s taught to speak a litte. It took me a few more moments than I would admit, to realise that this thing most likely was a parrot.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I could say so much more about «The Stormlight Archives», but I’ll restrain myself to only tell you about Brandon Sanderson’s splendid grip on Roshars reality. He’s got it all figured out. Like with the science and background history, where so many exciting and interweaving stories take place, is incredibly believable. He’ll tell you about the ancient writings, glyphs, the radiance and how the stormlight can power fabrials (machines). 

I tell you, if you have a free spot on your reading list, choose this book – and swear to these ideals:

Life before death. 

Strength before weakness.

Journey before destination.

Robert Sanderson, The Stormlight archives

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