Adventure in Water Color


I have always loved to paint, and did my fair share of acrylic painting in my youth. Nevertheless, it is the water colors I enjoy the most. Last christmas (2017), I was so lucky to get to buy my own christmas present on behalf of my grandmother. I bought Jenna Rainey’s book «Everyday watercolor», which cover 30 days of learning with different paintings almost every day. 

I waited until february to start, since I had a free month from Graphic Design school, and painted. I painted every day, some days it was hard to fit in, but oh my. The results!

Trust me, the habit will come

When you do something every day for at least a couple of weeks, it can become a habit. Since the last page of the «Everyday Watercolor», I been through so many online tutorials, both on Instagram and Skillshare. 

Before I started out painting every day, it was hard to get going. My painting supplies was in the cabinet, and there were so much to re-arrange on my desk which was mainly used to digital stuff (mac and drawing tablet). Now, I got my supplies lined up right next to my desk, and it is easy to switch tasks. It may seem like a small step, but to make a habit a habit, you should make your surroundings adapt to make the change as easy as possible. 

My dream: «Finally! A letter by owl…!»
Painted in the middle of september
My favorite dinosaur: «Parasaurolophus»
Painted in the middle of september, 8 moths after my journey started.

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